Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well, long time, no type.  I just really was not so sure what to talk about.  My knitting world was pretty eventful in 2012.  I attended a few festivals, Stitches West for my 3rd year, and my first knitting retreat.  It was all awesome and I have realized, along with my husband, that I am an addict. 

At work I'm known as the knitting lady and anytime anyone wants any kind of craft advice they ask me.  I don't know about all crafts, but I guess since I knit, it makes me "crafty".  I'll take it.  I've been called much worse in my lifetime.

This year I have a lot of plans.  I can't say that I will accomplish them all, but I'm hoping.

My first venture is going to be to open an etsy shop.  I'm hoping for sometime in February.  It will be mainly knitting bags with maybe a few odds and ends thrown in from time to time.  I don't expect to make millions for sure, but just fill in my time while the kids are at school. 

As far as knitting, my goal is to knit a garment, a sweater or vest, hopefully for me.....um...maybe it'll be a baby sweater.... just not sure yet.

I also plan on knitting a hat a month for work for our patients.  We have hats that are donated, but I would like to knit a few that are not so plain.  I might as well.... the patients will certainly appreciate them.  my last goal is to knit a dishcloth a month. 

Pretty small list this year.  The only other goal I have this year is to enjoy my projects.  Knit what I enjoy at the time whether that is  stockinette, lace, or cables,  just whatever makes me happy!

Last but not least is to blog more and hopefully document my projects and items I'm making for etsy.  My plan is to take pics and post them.  We'll see how it goes, only time will tell.

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