Thursday, August 5, 2010

B day cakes.

I use wiltons for more than just dyeing yarn, I decorate cakes with it. To save money and because I enjoy it, I make my children's birthday cakes. They pick out what they would like and I do my best to create it. Last year my son wanted a Spiderman cake so here it is.

Here is a pic of my son's 5th bday cake:

more yarn dyeing

I decided to dye more yarn today. I had bought 2 small skiens of wool at a thrift store for 5o cents each and figured they would work well for some experimenting. I hanked them up on my ironing board and then divided each hank into 4 parts. I then tied them off. I picked three colors to dye with, blue (royal blue and sky blue wiltons food coloring), Green (royal blue and yellow wiltons mixed together) and yellow wiltons. These were left over from my last dyeing session so figured I would use them up. I put 3 jars with the colors in the pot and then put the divided hanks into each color. Here's pics :


Finished Project:

Think socks for my son would be cool! We'll see how this yarn stripes up and Ill have to show it off.

more yarn dyeing

more yarn dyeing