Friday, July 16, 2010

long time, no blog

Well it has been over a month since I blogged so let's catch up.


I've dyed quite a few skeins of wool. My favorites are a skien of fisherman's wool that turned out in blues/purple and a bit of green. I've casted on a traveling woman's shawl in this newly created color. I love it so far. Here's a pic of the colorway up above. Will have to take and upload some pics of the shawl's progress.
Haven't done any fishing, however this coming week I am off so I plan on maybe going fishing one day with my 6 year old son. We'll just have to see. We're preparing him for the new school year and attending a new school. I can't tell if he is excited or not. Right now he just wants to go to the water park on our week off, so we'll go. We're planning a hike too. Going to an old quartz mine called Crystal Peak. It is close to home and I'm hoping we will find some crystals. None of us have been there, but I did take a test drive up to it to see how far and how rustic the area is. It is really nice there with a great campground and decent pit toilets. We should have a great time.
Have a great week all and keep on knitting.