Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Year Celebration!

Well I'm officially 41 today! I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I am glad to be in good health, well loved and pretty darn happy. I'm going to work on my goals for the year. Unlike New Years, I make my resolutions on my b-day, however many times I don't write them down, but this year I'm going to commit to them by writing them down. Maybe I will accomplish them if I put it in writing. I need to work on my 101 things to do in a year anyway, so what better excuse than my b-day!

Today I'm off work so, since the weather is finally good here, I'm going to work in the garden and yard. I'm going to finish setting up planting beds and drips and start planting my summer veg and fruit. I'm then going to move on to cleaning the swimming pool so we can get that going and maybe start swimming when the weather really decides to stay warm. If I have time, I may move some rock and fix up the back yard a bit so once all the concrete for our new patio is laid, it will look like someone cares.

On the knitting forefront, I am still working on my rainbow socks. I casted on "Bread Basket Liner" by Amy King from the Knitters book of Yarn. It is a birthday gift for my sister in law and is going to be a very easy knit. I am also pondering what shawl I'm going to start for my mom in law for her birthday. It will come soon. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to dye more yarn!! Yeah for dyeing.

Have a Fab day!!